Welcome to enGAGE Mobility

Our mission is to meet the transportation needs of those affected by disability. Families with children using wheelchairs will be helped in practical and powerful ways by gaining access to accessible vehicles.

We can all appreciate the importance of a reliable vehicle and the value of getting where we need to go easily. But for some families, the right vehicle is no less than life-changing. That is precisely the case for the Wingo family, and their oldest son Gage. Their experience is the inspiration behind enGAGE Mobility.

Shopping for an accessible vehicle can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled information to help you better understand the various requirements and options. 

Families can apply directly for assistance with funding for a wheelchair accessible vehicle or conversion.

Know a deserving family or child in need of help in this area? Nominate them to receive assistance with a vehicle conversion or purchase. 

ChelseaSpringfield, MO
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“Getting our adaptive van changed our entire lives more than most would ever understand! It has been one of the absolute best things we've done for our daughter, and ourselves!”
MichelleKansas City, MO
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"Our lives have been transformed. Simple tasks used to be stressful and complicated. Having the accessible van has taken away so many small everyday stresses from our lives, allowing us to take joy in those simple things, rather than dreading them."
The Walker FamilyRepublic, MO
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"Emma’s van has been the biggest blessing for her daily living and comfort. It is easier for us to engage her in family activities because we don’t have to worry about how many times we have to lift her out of the car! She loves how she can see EVERYTHING from her position in the van."