how we can help

enGAGE Mobility currently serves Missouri families raising children (up to age 21) who use wheelchairs.  We are driven to:

  1. Help families in tangible ways
  2. Offer assistance that is family-centered, led by the experience of those receiving help
  3. Break down barriers that prevent access to help
  4. Lighten the load, both figuratively and literally, for those living with a disability

We want families to know and understand that they are not alone in challenges faced, be uplifted by others coming alongside them to help, and realize the power and value of accepting help from a community of supporters.

Having transportation needs met with an accessible vehicle means families can go where they need to and travel where they want to. They can have their whole family ride together and have room for the equipment needed when they arrive at their destination. They can focus on going, doing, living, and not on the exorbitant cost of a vehicle conversion. 

enGAGE prioritizes getting families much needed help through things like matching them with the right vehicles, honoring their wishes, valuing their experience from start to finish, and addressing the most challenging parts of sourcing the right vehicle. 

Shopping for an accessible vehicle can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled information to help you better understand the various requirements and options. 

Families can apply directly for assistance with funding for a
wheelchair accessible vehicle or conversion.

Know a deserving family or child in need of help in this area? You can nominate them to receive assistance with a vehicle conversion
or purchase.


Families seeking assistance from enGAGE, whether it’s help with a conversion on an existing vehicle or sourcing a van that’s already been converted, can apply directly or be nominated by a third party. Board members will review and vote on applicants and/or nominations on a biannual basis. Families will be notified of their selection and a consultation will be established to better understand specific needs and desires. Level of support will be determined by what funding allows, urgency of need, etc. Families will be given a certain time frame to make use of gifted funds, and payment will be made directly to dealers and/or manufacturers from enGAGE Mobility.  

cheerful boy with disability at rehabilitation center for kids with special needs
We are eager to help

Please reach out to let us know how enGAGE can support you. We’d love to learn more about your family and your specific needs and hope we can connect you with the right resources.