Gage’s Story

Gage came into the world in 2014 and has been making a big impact ever since. He was born with congenital cytomegalovirus, or CMV. Although the effects of this illness weren’t clear from day one, Gage’s family set out on a journey that would prove life altering. As they navigate Gage’s unique reality, which includes cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy, they’ve grieved and  grown and so much more, but most of all, they loved. The Wingo family has also been on the receiving end of loads of love and kindness, and witnessed how Gage, in his very own way, has an affect on others. 

Gage has an adventurous spirit and heart-warming smile. He uses a wheelchair to get around, and has lots of places to be, whether it’s school, therapy appointments or trips to the swimming pool. In early 2020, generous family members helped Gage get a minivan to suit his needs. The impact of that gift has been felt each day since, and the ripple effect spreads even further, inspiring Gage’s family to help others in the same way!

Beautiful Beast of a Van

Stella is now riding in style in a lift van! We are so over-the-moon excited for her and her family and were so pleased to be able to support them with a $5,000 grant toward the van purchase. There’s probably

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Meet Gannon from Republic, MO.

Along with a Chiefs Super Bowl victory, we’re celebrating another enGAGE Mobility grant recipient getting new wheels!!! Meet Gannon from Republic, MO. He loves the Chiefs and he and his mom Kim are the latest family selected to receive support

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Meet Stella

enGAGE Mobility is excited to introduce our next grant recipient. Eight-year-old Stella is a sweet and fierce girl from Ozark, MO. Stella has an SCN8A disorder resulting in epilepsy and cerebral palsy, among other things. Her dad is a high

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Walker Family Grant

On a dreary day at the end of October, Emma Walker’s family received an uplifting delivery, in more ways than one. Emma’s grandpa, a.k.a. Papa Jimmy, traveled from Georgia to drive her accessible van to their home in Republic, MO.

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Next Grant Recipient Selected

by Hannah Wingo  enGAGE Mobility is excited to announce our next grant recipient — Emma Walker of Republic, MO. Emma’s family will receive $15,000 from enGAGE to go towards their van in October 2023. Emma is seven years old and attends Sweeny Elementary.

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Embrace Your Experience

There are many aspects of our journey that are painful and at times hard to bear, but I cannot control these things, just like I cannot control when my grief decides to reappear. But what I can control is how I respond to these situations.

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