young girl in wheelchair wearing a colorful striped sun dress

Spring Forward!

By Sarah

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time of year where we move our clocks forward an hour. Ugh. That’s how I feel about it. Ha. I’m not a natural early bird and I feel like I’m “losing” an hour to get that proverbial worm anyway. So tragic.

This year I’m grateful for the distraction of a much more exciting way we can “spring forward.” Let’s SPRING FORWARD toward our goal of funding an accessible vehicle for the lovely Lewis family!

You guys have been so incredible with your generosity in supporting enGAGE Mobility and our first recipient, Eliana Lewis, thus far. Many of you know we are just getting started and it is so exciting to share the progress we’ve already seen!

Our goal is to grant the Lewis family $50k by May to help fund their accessible vehicle. With only a few prompts you have already helped us get nearly a third of the way there! Amazing!

Can you please help us spring forward even more? Like, share, and spread the word! We want to do something good with this hour of sleep we’re losing Sunday morning. Would you consider giving $1 for every minute? Maybe ask a friend to join you and you can each “sponsor” 30 minutes! Every gift and any amount makes a difference.

While my grumbling about the time change and “losing” an hour is mostly silly, what’s not silly is how much of an impact we can have by helping the Lewis family spring forward! The number of minutes Michelle, Chris, and Eliana can “lose” off their daily commutes with an accessible van is worth every penny (and minute of lost sleep)!

Thanks for helping us spring forward for Eli!!