Walker Family Grant

On a dreary day at the end of October, Emma Walker’s family received an uplifting delivery, in more ways than one. Emma’s grandpa, a.k.a. Papa Jimmy, traveled from Georgia to drive her accessible van to their home in Republic, MO. The Toyota Sienna was outfitted with a rear-entry ramp by Purple Ribbon Mobility. Purple Ribbon is owned and operated by a family whose oldest daughter has Rett syndrome. Emma shares the same diagnosis. Her van includes space for her to ride in her wheelchair, plus room for a driver and up to 5 other passengers. After months of raising funds for the van through generous donations from family and friends, Emma’s family was nominated for support from enGAGE Mobility, and received a $15,000 grant.

Although Emma was fighting off illness the day her van arrived, she couldn’t contain her excitement when she saw it for the first time.

“I honestly didn’t expect her to get so excited because she’s feeling so icky!” said Emma’s mom Jennifer, the day the van arrived. “But man did she totally understand this is HER ride.”

The grant from enGAGE Mobility helped the Walker family close the gap between the funds they had raised and the van’s purchase price.

“It’s so beautiful. I just sat in it alone and just thanked God for the blessing. It’s not something I EVER thought would happen so soon,” explains Jeninfer. After a few weeks having the van, the reality of what a blessing it is was even more evident. The Walker Family shared this perspective about their experience.

“Emma’s van has been the biggest blessing for her daily living and comfort. It is easier for us to engage her in family activities because we don’t have to worry about how many times I have to lift her out of the car! She loves how she can see EVERYTHING from her position in the van. Without enGAGE Mobility we would not have had this blessing for Emma this soon. We are so thankful to all the donors who chose to help a little girl find more opportunities for fun and family adventures. We hope that people continue to donate so that other families could have the opportunity that was granted to Emma this year!”