Embrace Your Experience

There are many aspects of our journey that are painful and at times hard to bear, but I cannot control these things, just like I cannot control when my grief decides to reappear. But what I can control is how I respond to these situations.

Accept Help

By Michelle “IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD” –AFRICAN PROVERB While we were slowly moving forward, I quickly realized how isolating our new journey was going to be. Research has shown that people who have unique experiences tend to report less positive feelings and a sense of exclusion compared to those who had […]

Spring Forward!

young girl in wheelchair wearing a colorful striped sun dress

By Sarah Well, it’s that time of year again. The time of year where we move our clocks forward an hour. Ugh. That’s how I feel about it. Ha. I’m not a natural early bird and I feel like I’m “losing” an hour to get that proverbial worm anyway. So tragic. This year I’m grateful […]

Just Keep Going

By Michelle “WE MUST KEEP GOING. AND SO, IF YOU CAN’T FLY, RUN. IF YOU CAN’T RUN, WALK. IF YOU CAN’T WALK, CRAWL. BUT BY ALL MEANS, KEEP MOVING.” –MARTIN LUTHER KING JR, 1967 I have never been a fan of winter. Every year while in the middle of another brutal Missouri winter, I question […]