Beautiful Beast of a Van

Stella is now riding in style in a lift van! We are so over-the-moon excited for her and her family and were so pleased to be able to support them with a $5,000 grant toward the van purchase. There’s probably no one more thrilled than Stella’s mom Kacie, though. She had this sentiment to share about the game-changing milestone.

“It’s here!!!! Stella’s van is all ours!!! Wow, just WOW! I still cannot believe that after YEARS of researching, planning, wishing, and hoping our dream actually came true! Look at this beautiful beast of a van! It’s EXACTLY what we need as a family to be able to travel with Stella and all her “accessories”. This NEVER could have happened without the amazing support from our friends, family, and community! THANK YOU!!!!”

One of Stella’s first trips in the new ride was for a doctor’s appointment out of town. The 6 hour round trip was much more manageable than previous (fairly frequent) visits for specialized medical care. It’s not only easier to transport Stella and her wheelchair without repetitive heavy lifting and unloading, but features like a bench seat that lays flat and standing room in the back make providing the necessary care while travelling possible.

If you want to make more possible for other families like Stella’s, we would be so grateful for your support. Whether you set up a monthly donation that fits your budget or make a one-time gift, it will have a lasting impact for families living with disability, day after day and trip after trip.