Birthday Wish

By Hannah

Introducing Eliana. This gorgeous girl celebrated her 9th birthday on New Year’s Eve 2022—the same week she was selected by the enGAGE Mobility Board of Directors as the first grant recipient!

Here’s a little more about Eliana, aka Eli. On New Year’s Eve 2013, Eli made her way into the world, proudly welcomed by mom and dad, Michelle and Chris Lewis. What was expected to be a short, post-delivery hospital stay turned into a five-month NICU admission for Eli following the onset of seizures and a diagnosis of an SCN2A-related disorder.

Eli’s life has been filled with ups and downs, various treatments, procedures, and more. Throughout all these things, the impact she’s made on friends and family who love her is profound and undeniable.

Mom Michelle has this to say. “Nine was a birthday we didn’t know if we would ever see. We have known from the beginning that life would never be easy for Eliana, but with the support of our family and community, our lives are full of love and hope. Having a wheelchair accessible vehicle would be life changing. It would make our lives so much easier and would allow us to enjoy experiences in a safer and more manageable way.” Eli is growing girl with heavy wheelchair and at age 9, her need for a van is more urgent than ever. ‘Making it work’ takes a toll and isn’t sustainable.

Can you help make Eliana’s 9th year an extra special one with a gift of support to enGAGE Mobility? Any amount you give will go directly to support the Lewis family in funding a wheelchair accessible van in 2023. Our goal is to grant them $50,000 toward the purchase of a vehicle. Whether it’s $9 or $99 for a 9th birthday wish, or a big surprise to blow us all away, everything will help and give us a great start as we ‘build a foundation’ in more ways than one! Thank you for giving!