By Sarah

I used to have these colorful little notes stuck around the edges of my computer monitor — reminders, quotes, inspiration. At some point, I added one stating, “Success = making others feel loved.” As I was trying to find the words to share what an incredible opportunity we have through enGAGE Mobility, I was reminded of this particular note. Our board has some pretty exciting goals and we’re hoping to be wildly successful!

As you may know, enGAGE Mobility is currently raising funds to help provide life-changing wheelchair-accessible transportation for Miss Eliana Lewis. When I think of Eliana I think of love. I think of how cherished she is. In a world obsessed with attention and likes and followers and how to be loved, she just is. She’s incredible. She’s treasured. She’s loved by her creator and her parents and her family and friends. You can’t watch her amazing parents, Chris and Michelle, care for her so perfectly and not just see SO MUCH LOVE. It draws you in and you want to be part of it. You want to know and feel this kind of love.

I remember when Eli was first born and had an extended stay in the hospital. I felt so helpless. I went by to visit with Michelle and Eli, maybe hoping to be an encouragement. Instead, I was the one encouraged. I was rather stressed and frustrated during that particular season in my own life. Yet sitting in the hospital with this beautiful, perfect girl and her incredible mom, everything else faded and I simply felt so much love.

A few months ago when Michelle and Eliana made the two-hour drive to attend my grandma’s funeral, I also felt the love. This was no quick, simple afternoon drive! As I watched Michelle get Eli’s chair out of the back of the vehicle and then lift and situate an ever-growing Eli, I was blown away by all the strength required, and maybe even more by how sweetly Michelle made sure to arrange Eli’s long, gorgeous locks before we headed into the church. I just know it’s one of the purest forms of love I’ll get to witness this side of heaven.

As we strive for success in getting enGAGE Mobility off the ground, let’s measure it by making the Lewis family feel loved! Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to enGAGE Mobility to help fund a vehicle that’s just right for them.