By Hannah

For a few years now, I’ve had a desire to help families like ours get vehicles they need. The seed was planted when we got our own van, and I realized instantaneously what a game changer it was. It was spring of 2020 when our van was graciously gifted to us, and our lives were literally changed. The change was realized immediately, but also slowly, because at that point in time, we weren’t really going anywhere. Regardless, the difference it made for us was huge. It was a big deal. It lifted both a figurative and literal weight off our shoulders.

2020 did a doozy on my psyche. The spring and summer months, I was living my best life and filled up with gratitude. Fall and winter rolled in, the pandemic raged on, and my attitude and spirit plummeted to a low low. The worst part— I seemed to have lost my ability to dream. I felt like too many obstacles stood in the way, and ideas and plans were pointless.

How amazing does it feel now to share ideas and have people be receptive to them? How lucky am I that my spirit seems restored and I’m ready to chase some dreams? How great is our God? Calling and equipping us to do good works. I want to be used up. I want God to have all of my heart. I want to glorify him and raise my hand and say, “here I am, send me.”

I’m also scared and don’t really know what I’m doing, and I STILL don’t want to quit or give up on this idea. Which tells me it’s worth pursuing.

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